Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Number 1484: Viking Prince by the crown prince of comic artists

The Viking Prince feature, which ran in The Brave and the Bold for the first two dozen issues in the mid-to-late fifties, is a collaboration between Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert. I believe the Viking Prince was a version of Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant, although the comic book character was original enough in his own right. Being written by Kanigher in the Comics Code era meant that the blood and thunder was not in violent battles between humans, but often with supernatural entities, like the living giant stone statue in “The Secret of Odin’s Cup!” Kubert’s art on the story is superb.

From The Brave and the Bold #20 (1958):


Daniel [] said...

Alas! Wotan is actually Odin, and the Viking deity of the Underworld is the goddess Hel.

But, setting that aside, not a bad tale.

Pappy said...

Daniel, Odin is the English language version of Wotan, or so I am led to believe by looking up Odin and Wotan.

And it's a helluva note, but there is no way in those early days of the Comics Code that the name "Hel" was going to be allowed, even coming as it does from mythology.



Thank you for posting the Tootsie Roll "Name The Bear" contest. Also, it appears that there is a comic story that was also posted with it, and that was pretty good too.

Here is my entry for Tootsie Roll's "Name The Bear" contest.
Bear's name: Little Whitey Red Turtlenecky.
"I always buy Tootsie Rolls because:
they bind up my bowels good, especially after mom makes her famous casserole. Also, they fit into my nostrils perfectly, like no other candy could."
Enclosed find my 5 Tootsie Roll wrappers.
Name: Michael Apocolyte Jr.
Age: 47 1/2
Address: Comicville, USA

I really hope I win. My bear name is the best, I think. I hope I win a Raleigh Bike or an erection set, because I already have a full collection of Toni dolls(they are actually my sister Susie Apocolyte's, but she lets me play with them sometimes). Please let me know when my bike will arrive.

Pappy said...

"Michael Apocolyte," good luck on that Name the Bear contest. I think your entry sounds like a winner.

I love Tootsie Rolls, but they have a tendency to pull the fillings out of my teeth.

Speaking of Toni dolls...since my granddaughters will be here for part of the summer beginning in mid-June, Mrs Pappy bought them some Barbie dolls and accessories, and they are in my studio with me. Not only that, Mrs Pappy bought them a Justin Bieber doll and a Prince doll, and right now I believe those doll-boys are canoodling with the Barbies.

Daniel [] said...

For the time being, I am out of the Secret Squadron..

Tootsie Rolls continue to have trans-fat. A few years ago, I found a box of them that said that they had 0 grams of trans-fat, but I've not seen any more since.