Monday, May 12, 2014

Number 1575: Airboy fights the Ice People

A writer pulled out the stops when he wrote this Airboy opus. Airboy flies far north, then tangles with Ice-Incas, food gulls, and Vikings with no eyes. Really. What a crazy story. And I knew how truly crazy it was when I saw the panel where Airboy speculates the reason for the strange colors of the houses is because the sightless Vikings can’t see what they are painting! I stand all amazed, my friends...all amazed.

Writer unknown, artist is Ernest Schroeder. From Airboy Comics Vol 6 No. 5 (1949).


Two more Airboy stories. I posted these both in 2010:


Alicia American said...

OMG thoze Vikings R creepery yo OMG!! R U sure there tha good guys? OMG Pappy we pluggeded u on our like failbook page 2 say TYSM 2day: CLIK HEAR OMG TYSM We luv u Pappy!!!! <3 XOXOXOXOxoxoxoxoxo

Pappy said...

Thanks for thinking of me on your Facebook page, Alicia. I always appreciate a plug.