Friday, May 09, 2014

Number 1573: Erling and Hanley

In late March I showed some great comic pages by the late Alan Hanley, scanned from pages published in Alan Light’s The Buyer’s Guide to Comics Fandom in the mid-1970s. Today I’ve got more Hanley in the form of his re-drawings of the origin of Jon Juan, a comic written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by the inimitable Alex Schomburg. I posted the Schomburg version that Hanley used for his drawings, along with another Jon Juan story in 2011. Just click on the thumbnail:

Hanley’s version:

One of my favorite cartoonists appearing in TBG was George Erling, who had a really funny and appealing style. George’s comic strips were filled with surreal characters inspired by cartoonists like Herriman, Holman, Ahern and other screwball cartoonists of a bygone era, yet brought up to date in an underground comix/homage style. These “Clark the Collector” strips are from 1976 and '77. Both Hanley and Erling had the ability to remind one of the past while staying in the present; the best of both worlds.


Brian Barnes said...

There's a bit of Vaugh Bode along with the Krazy Kat/Herrimann stuff in that art. I always like these crazy comix type strips, a fun concoction of Mad, Looney Tunes, and newspaper strips.

Pappy said...

Brian, I think you are correct about a Vaughn Bodé influence; I can see it, also.

David Miller said...

I always felt that Matt Groening's "The Simpson's" characters were influenced by Erling. The same bubble eyes.