Sunday, August 18, 2013

Number 1421: Walt Kelly’s Winkie and the Wishing Well

Not long ago I showed you the first Pogo and Albert story from Animal Comics #1, done by Walt Kelly.* Here’s another #1 from Kelly, “Winkie and the Wishing Well” from Fairy Tale Parade #1 (1942). Kelly did the entire contents of this comic, one of the real treasures of the golden age.

I don’t know if “Winkie” is taken from a real fairy tale, or made up by Kelly. If it’s made up at least it has all of the elements of a fairy tale: a cruel master, stalwart child who is sorely put upon by others, a wishing well, a dragon, a giant, and the giant’s pretty daughter.


*You can read the story by clicking on the picture:

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