Friday, June 28, 2013

Number 1392: Advertising for love

The story today is of mid-century advertising boss Katherine Laurel and her rocky road to romance with subordinate, then rival, George Dunn. It's interesting that Katherine, despite her weakness for love (which happens to all of us), is presented as a successful business owner and career woman. That wasn’t the norm in real life-1951 when the story was published in Charlton’s True Life Secrets #2. I know the ending is sort of a cop-out, but it is of its time, and you can cherry-pick the positives in the tale for young female readers.

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Brian Barnes said...

Pappy, did you post the same story I read? :)

Sure, I can cherry-pick a positive (that successful career woman) but to BE that she had to also be:

1. An incredible shrew
2. She-woman man hater (to borrow from the Little Rascals)
3. Completely irrational
4. Ran her business into the ground

The thing starts with "deep in my heart I knew I was retched". The very first line throws away anything that could be gained from her being a boss!

... and ... yet ... this is marvelous. Ever step this thing digs a deeper and deeper hole. It reaches it's zenith with the leg-heavy dress montage that seemed to conclude with a comical bonk to the head (the stars.)

I owe you Pappy, because if not for your blog, I would have never thought romance comics were something I'd ever want to read!