Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Number 1387: Atomic attack, 1972!

Just about a week ago I showed a 1946 atomic destruction story by Joe Simon. You can see it in Pappy's #1382.

Now, for today’s radioactive post:

Looking at this 1952 story of futuristic (1972) soldiers fighting an atomic war, lobbing H-bombs around, reminds me yet again of growing up in this era, when I was certain we were going to have the Big One dropped on us.

In this action-packed atomic tale, drawn by an unidentified artist for Atomic Attack! #5 (actually #1, continued from Attack! numbers 1-4), young Tommy reads a letter from his older brother, Pete, fighting for the good ol’ U.S.A. against the dirty Reds. Pete describes his squad in battle. I’m glad I didn’t see this story when it came out because I’m sure it would have just ratcheted up my paranoia.

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Daniel [] said...

In various ways, the art looks as if Bill Everett had some hand in it, though (if so) not the only one.