Monday, June 17, 2013

Number 1386: “...nor iron bars a cage...”

Even if we accept for fictional purposes that a full-grown man can shrink himself into doll size and change instantly into a superhero, the idea that such a superhero would be held in a prison cell meant for normal beings causes incredulity. There’s more than the usual suspension of disbelief in this tale from Doll Man Quarterly #4 (1942). Superheroes exist in a universe where they are extraordinary beings, but beyond the reader accepting their powers we aren’t usually supposed to believe that anyone would be as extraordinarily dumb as the jail warder in this story.

The Grand Comics Database lists Max Elkan ? (question mark means they aren’t sure) as the artist.


darkmark said...

We love your stuff. Keep it coming, Pappy!

Daniel [] said...

The whole story is pretty willfully dumb. Consider, for example, the explanation of how the Doll Man knew to be at the second site that they attacked.

Steve Miller said...

I do believe that guard must have been someone's half-witted brother-in-law. :)

M. Bouffant said...

Center of page 11: Jay Leno?