Monday, March 25, 2013

Number 1338: Claire and her scandalous marijuana scare affair

“I was furious,” said Claire, ”I know now I could have killed my stepfather. Reefers make a thing like that easy. But he took no chances...”

From the days of reefer madness, when a toke of the Devil's herb could turn a teen into a slobbering, giggling murderer, comes this romance tale of drugs, wild nights and redemption, “My Scandalous Affair.” Not only have we a cannabis-cautionary tale, but it is very well illustrated by Everett Raymond Kinstler, who went on to fine art fame after his comic book career. Mr. Kinstler has forever earned my respect by not only reaching the top of his profession as a painter, but by not denying, indeed, by praising, his time in the comic book biz.

Personally, I have nothing to say about marijuana except I’m a sixties survivor, and besides, the statute of limitations on any illicit behavior has expired by now.

From Avon’s Realistic Romances #16 (1954):


Brian Barnes said...

While I'm not as old as Pappy, I've been through many years of parties. I'm straight edge (I've never drank or taken any drugs), but I have no problem with others making their own decisions.

That said, I've been through multiple parties from booze to all sorts of drugs. Never have I been more afraid then parties where people drank, which always makes me laugh at these stories.

Marijuana makes women easy? Makes them belligerent? I think you're describing booze!

Alicia American said...

OMG Pappy weR in Amstrdam & all I can say is ITS ALL TRUE wat thay say about tha Devils Weed OMG!! Bck 2 tha USA 2nite wear weed is only leagle SUM places LOL Yay! OMG we luv u Pappy! XOXOxoxo

Pappy said...

Brian, to me it was like someone had flipped a switch while I was out of the country. I was drafted in the Army in late '66, and didn't know anyone who smoked anything stronger than Camel cigarettes; by the time I was discharged in late '68 smoking cannabis was the in-thing to do.

I found out I have little tolerance for having my mind bent any more than it already is in its natural state. I don't like being out of control, and I have a fear (okay, I'm paranoid) of being put in jail. Paraphrasing the old cliché, I don't do the crime 'cause I can't do the time.

Pappy said...

Welcome back, Alicia! I hope you had a great time.