Sunday, March 24, 2013

Number 1337: Prince Valiant and the Island of Thunder!

As a Sunday comics Prince Valiant fan, even as a youngster in the '50s, I mostly scorned the Dell Comics version of Hal Foster’s weekly masterpiece. They were not reprints of Foster’s pages, but original stories. Looking at them now I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge. I think artist Bob Fujitani captured Foster’s distinctive style.

This issue, the Prince Valiant one-shot, Four Color #900 (1958), was the last of the original adventures of Prince Valiant from Dell. They had begun in ’54 with an adaptation of the Robert Wagner/Janet Leigh movie version. Overstreet credits Fujitani with all of the artwork on the one-shots, but the Grand Comics Database has no information on a writer or cover artist for this issue.


Kirk said...

Prince Valiant with WORD BALLOONS?!?!

Pappy said...

Kirk, and therein lies my reason in the 1950s for not accepting this comic book version of PV.

Alberto said...

Hi Pappy.

The writer should be Paul S. Newman.


Pappy said...

Thanks, Alberto.