Monday, March 11, 2013

Number 1330: The big green cannibal monster-head

Finally collected into one high quality trade paperback, Basil Wolverton’s early Target Comics feature, “Spacehawk,”* is now available from Fantagraphics. Wolverton loved science fiction, rocket ships, weird worlds and weirder characters, and Spacehawk has all those.

Another space feature by Basil was “Space Patrol,” which appeared in Amazing Mystery Funnies. With its old-fashioned look Wolverton’s science fiction has a steam punk charm right out of the industrial age; rocket ships looking like riveted boilers, for instance.

This episode is from the last issue of Amazing Mystery Funnies #24 (1940).


*Click this pic for a Spacehawk story.


Brian Barnes said...

Page 2 & 3 are reversed. I just read through it thinking this was another 40s comic where lots of stuff suddenly happened off panel!

I love the concept of anti-gravity, yet their ships are still basically rockets. Of course, in a couple more years that'd be a little more real with the V2s raining down destruction.

Everything from Wolverton was distinct. His great, Krazy Kat-ish landscapes are so vibrant and really pop off the page.

Pappy said...

Thanks, Brian...I'm a little late with a fix, but the pages are now in correct order.