Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Number 1339: Captain Marvel Jr and the disturbing dreams

Mr. Morpheus works for the Nazis. Mr. Morpheus brings nightmares, which he promises to stop if the distraught dreamer gives up defense secrets. Mr. Morpheus has discovered some sort of hallucinogen. A couple of days ago we had a marijuana story, today a hallucinogenic story. This is not a trend, just a coincidence.

There is also a formula given up to Captain Marvel Jr by the inventor of a rubber substitute. (Although what Junior will do with a formula that is simply put as “X56Y43” escapes me).

This whole crazy story,with some good hallucination artwork by an unidentified artist, is from Fawcett’s America’s Greatest Comics #8 (1943), which was the last issue. The story reminds me of another story of dreams from Ibis the Invincible #1, which I showed in Pappy's #1032.

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