Monday, October 31, 2011

Number 1044

The Green Hands of Horrorween

It's Halloween today. If the past is any indication, the kids who show up at my door this evening will probably be dressed like princesses or ballerinas and the boys in whatever is popular today. (What is popular today? Transformers?) What fun is that? Where are the witches, the skeletons, the ghouls, besides the U.S. House of Representatives?

Ah well. At least I carry on the tradition of presenting horror stories on Halloween I'm showing a couple of cool tales from the Fawcett vaults of the early 1950s. First up is "The Green Hands of Terror" from This Magazine Is Haunted #2, which readers saw when they got past the cover by Sheldon Moldoff:

"Green Hands" was drawn by George Evans, who as usual did a beautiful job making material that could have looked just silly into creepy. He went on to EC Comics and proved he could draw anything they asked him to.

(Note: you aren't imagining things: the colorist screwed up and colored an extra arm green in the splash panel.)

The second story, "The Resurrected Head," is from World Of Fear #4. The Grand Comics Database doesn't list an artist. The story gives me something of the vibe of Re-Animator, the classic '80s film where a headless scientist gives head!


Britt Reid said...

The second story looks like Mike Sekowsky pencils.
Not sure who the inker is.

Odyzeus! said...

Hey, Pap,

Hope you have a great one tonight.

And you're so right about Evans on "The Green Hands of Terror." When I started it, I thought a crazier. looser hand would have served the insane concept better, but as i got into it I saw that the clinical approach of Evans actually upped the creepy factor exponentially.

And I LOVE the art on "The Resurrected Head" (love the title, too). It's like a weird amalgam of Mort Meskin, and Andru and/or Sekowsky, while not being any one of them Just amazing stuff. Wish we knew who it was.

Thanks so much, Pap. This last week of posts has been amazing!


Pappy said...

Odyzeux and BrittReid, Mike Sekowsky would be my guess for the pencils on "Resurrected Head," but it's got a fast and dirty ink job, and I have no idea who did that.

josemas said...

I'll also add my vote regarding the affirmation of Sekowsky as the penciller on the second story but I'm stumped as to the identity of the inker.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Well, we're all on the same page then. Because my first thought also was Mike Sekowsky with a weird inker. Hey, maybe t was Mike Sekowsky himself who inked it. He usually didn't, but at the end of his career he did...