Sunday, October 16, 2011

Number 1035

"Tall! Blonde! Beautiful! That's Sleet--she's dangerous!"

As a reader of Harvey Comics' Dick Tracy reprints in the late '50s I was titillated (which was the intention of the copywriter) by the above ad at the end of the story in Dick Tracy #117. A month later I made sure I got my copy of #118. Sleet is sexy in a Chester Gould kind of way. Looking at this story now I see some cheesecake leg and high heel panels. I also noticed them in 1957, despite my youth.

"The Case of the Dangerous Blonde" even has a gorilla.

From Dick Tracy Comics Monthly #118, 1957:

Speaking of gorillas, here's a favorite song:

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Tom Stein said...

I love the Kinks and I love this song, too! Thanks for posting!