Sunday, May 22, 2011

Number 951

Porky Of the Mounties

Carl Barks did so few non-Disney duck stories for Western Publishing during his long comic book career that all of them are worth noting. Such is the case of Porky Of the Mounties, a story Barks did in 1944 for Dell's one-shot issues series, Four Color Comics #48. 1944.

The story demonstrates that the artist, who also drew a Mickey Mouse one-shot ("The Riddle Of the Red Hat," Four Color #79), drew Barney Bear (an MGM property), as well as these renderings of Bugs, Petunia and Porky (Warner Bros), could draw more than ducks.


Frank M. Young said...

Most of the character faces of Bugs and Porky were re-drawn by Los Angeles staff artists. You can see a glimpse of Barks' original drawings here and there. There's an image of Bugs trying to bite into a hard cracker that's all Barks.

You can see the paste-up marks on the characters' necks here and there. Poor Barks! He suffered some indignities via those California editors...

Unca Jeffy said...

Wow! Barks drew a great Bugs, maybe the best I've seen in the comics. To think, he could have been known as "The 'GOOD' Bunny Artist". I would have liked that.