Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Number 941

Mysterious Milt Stein

There's just not much information online about animator/cartoonist Milton Stein. Considering his obvious skills, his long tenure in comic books and the animation field, you'd think someone would have a boatload of anecdotes about him. Maybe I just haven't seen them. One of the few things I read about Stein is that he committed suicide in 1977.

The oldest strip of the three I'm showing here today is from Police Comics #30, 1944. The character, Flatfoot Burns, identifies Milt Stein as "that dizzy artist who draws me," and his address as "the 63rd floor of the Vampire State Building." The next story is from a 1946 issue of Timely/Marvel/Atlas' Silly Tunes #5. The last story is a Supermouse story, published in 1957 in the 100-page Supermouse Summer Holiday Issue #1. I've shown this story before. I re-scanned it for this post.

Thanks to Dave Miller for scanning the "Silly and Ziggy" story.

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Peter Huggan said...

I wonder if he worked at Warner Brothers cartoons. The first story has a very Elmer Fudd-like character, and some of the same gags from the Warner cartoons.

I'd like to know more about this guy, too.

Thanks for posting this.