Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Number 921

Weird invaders from Inferno!

This is my tenth posting of a Blackhawk story since beginning this blog. I've got a thing about the Blackhawks. Must be the uniforms. I wish I had a Blackhawk outfit in my closet. "Hey, honey, wanna play Blackhawk and duplicitous villainess tonight? I've got a long blonde wig for you to wear!"

The Grand Comics Database lists the artwork on this story as being by Bill Ward. Looks like it's Ward with another of the heavy-handed Quality inkers, who could use up a bottle of ink in eight pages. Maybe Chuck Cuidera?

"Blackhawk and the Weird Invaders from Inferno!" is from Blackhawk #47, 1951:



Excellent! Even with the heavy-handed inking this Ward art is top-notch. His art on BLACKHAWK and 40's romance stuff was a favorite of mine. As much as I like his zeftig ladies from the 60's and 70's, I really like his older comic stuff (bosomy blondes and all...droool)!

Gotta love how Blackie yanks out Zippy (er, I mean Chop Chop) by his spindley pony-tail. "No need to be gentle with you, my sub-human stereotyped comrade! HAWKAAA!!"

borky said...

Ye', I used to love the Blackhawks as a kid, especially the more surreal ones - I also thought their suits were cool, like a leather biker's answer to the SS uniform, hence the hawk instead of an eagle; even the neckerchiefs were kind of natty in a wild west cowboy kind of way.

At first I thought their instant acceptance they were dealing with real monsters was lame, when most people in that situation'd really say something like, "Wow, those've got'o be suits - but aren't they realistic!" but of course it turns out they were supposed to be suits all along.

I was also fascinated by all the anthropological data, such as the fact Scandinavians always begin every sentence, "Pyumpin' yiminy!" but having dwelled amongst Scandinavians during the '90s, I was saddened to find that particular custom'd died out long ago!

Unca Jeffy said...

Gotta admit, I have a soft spot for the Blakhawks too. Might be needin' to re-read a few myself!

Pappy said...

Well, yumpin' yiminy, Borky! Along with my English heritage, I've also got a good dose of Viking in me. But I never knew Yiminy, and I never knew him to yump.

As for comic book dialects, you've probably read many attempts of comic book writers (and I'm thinking of the World War II era and Boy Commandos, specifically) to do a British accent. I wonder how many people you talk to during the day who say, "H'I sye, guv'nor."

I wonder how many Frenchman actually exclaim "Parbleu!" or "Sacre bleu!" in every sentence.

So "yumpin' yiminy" is just more comic book shorthand, and a tin-eared attempt to make a dialect into dialogue.