Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Number 913

Law of the jungle

There are rules that horror comics characters always break, with dire consequences. I thought I'd remind you of some basic jungle/horror comics laws: First, if you are captured by a tribe of headhunters and the leader says, "You have an extremely interesting head," you're in big trouble. Second, if you cross a witch doctor, defy native superstition and steal jewels or treasure from the tribe's idol, you will have a double whammy put on you. Bad juju, bwana.

Next time you are in these circumstances remember Pappy wants you to get home safe, your head still on your neck, with no curses on you. Heed well this tale drawn by the one and only Joe Kubert, published in St. John's Strange Terrors #7, 1953.

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Unca Jeffy said...

Kubert is always a treat, thanks Pappy!

M-Maybe if he drinks s'more, he can get rid of the cat smell of that amulet...