Sunday, June 27, 2010

Number 761

The Shadow and the curse of the cat!

I think the Shadow was one of the best pulp magazine heroes ever, and I can still read a Shadow novel by Walter Gibson and be caught up in the mystery. The Shadow made a transition to a popular radio show, and then into comic books. The era where the Shadow was drawn by Bob Powell and his studio (see Pappy's #622 for a picture) had some of the best artwork in that title's long run.

The cover for this issue is like a poster, and its graphic excellence must've popped out at the casual browser at the newsstand.

The story is from The Shadow Comics Volume 8 Number 1, from 1948. Here is a note from the Grand Comics Database about the story:
Curse of the Cat is adapted from the 01/20/46 SHADOW radioplay by Lawrence Crowley. [Note from Anthony Tollin on 17 August 2004] Also: "It's possible that Bruce Elliot did the adaptations, though I wouldn't be at all surprised if artist Bob Powell himself simply adapted the radioplays to comic format."


Michael Hoskin said...

That's a great cover!

I love the gag with Margo and the puppy in the background of the pet shop scene.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Wow that is some sharp artwork. Interesting how the Shadow is printed as a surprint. Didn't realize they did much of that back in the day.