Friday, June 25, 2010

Number 760

Let's see Batman do this!

Madam Fatal is one of the most unique concepts in comics, especially 1940, when these two tales originally appeared. Madam Fatal was actually a man, a wealthy "retired actor" who spent his time dressed as a woman, chasing down the man who killed his wife and kidnapped his daughter. There's the crossdressing element that makes it seem titillating today. Or maybe not. Madam Fatal is an old "lady" after all. Despite its originality Madam Fatal as a feature didn't last long. There were a lot of comic books to fill and a lot of ideas for heroes that didn't work out, and Madam Fatal was one of them.

Underground cartoonist Kim Deitch did a hilarious take on Madam Fatal in Corn Fed Comics #1...but it's pornographic and I can't show it, much as I'd like to.

The stories are from Crack Comics #1 and #3, respectively, 1940, drawn by Art Pinajian.


Daniel [] said...

Earlier to-day, I noted to my girl-friend that there are three sorts of super-heroes.

One sort is always in disguise. Consider the Scarlet Pimpernel, or Spider-Man.

Another sort is disguised by his costume. Consider the Red Tornado, or Steve Ditko's various crusaders.

Finally, there is the sort who reveals his true self with his costume. I was thinking at the time of the Batman, but Madam Fatal is also a perfectly good example.

Pappy said...

Daniel, well said.