Monday, June 21, 2010

Number 758

Doc Weiner and CSI 1951

According to the Grand Comics Database, "Seek the Strangler," from Crime Fighting Detective #14, March 1951, is drawn by L. B. Cole.

This is an entertaining 11-page story featuring the work of a New York serologist and bacteriolist, Dr. Alex Weiner, helping build a conviction in a strangler murder. I have no idea how much of this story is true. The science part sounds legitimate. Forensics shows are really popular on television right now. I can think of several, three of which are in the CSI franchise. Like "Seek the Strangler" they feature science, but also morbid murder.

Dr. Wertham might be thrilled to know this, but just as he claimed children were using crime comics to learn how to be criminals, so are some TV viewers using forensics shows for instruction on how to get away with crime.

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