Monday, November 30, 2009

Number 639

Jann and her man can!

This is the second of five jungle girl stories I'll be posting this week.

Jann of the Jungle, yet another jungle princess, was published in Jungle Action, then the title was changed to Jann of the Jungle after the titular (smirk, smirk) heroine. Atlas' other jungle girl, Lorna, was fortunate to be drawn by Werner Roth, and Jann by Jay Scott Pike, both great girl artists. Both series were written by Don Rico, apparently the resident jungle girl scripter.

"The Jackal's Lair" is a fun little story from Jann of the Jungle #10, 1956, about Jann, her man, and a jungle monster. This comic also dispels a myth I've believed for years about Code-approved comics, that female breasts were supposed to be de-emphasized.

Pike left comics to do illustration and did some topnotch pin-up work. Here's a posting I did about Pike in Pappy's #334.

Grab the nearest vine and swing on over to Chuck Wells' Comic Book Catacombs Blog for another Jann story!

TOMORROW: The thrilla that is Camilla!

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Warren said...

Pike rules! Thanks Pappy!