Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Number 627

South Seas Girl

I can't resist another jungle goddess, this time drawn by Matt Baker.

Alani was the South Seas Girl, not proprietress of some African jungle domain, so that made her somewhat unique. Maybe she was a response to sarong-wearing Dorothy Lamour's movie popularity. Alani normally appeared in Seven Seas Comics, a rip-roaring postwar comic. This particular printing was from an unusual place, Tales of Voodoo Vol. 2 Number 3, 1969, published by the bad boys at Eerie Publications. Besides the presence of a guillotine I presume retitling it "The Bloody Ax" and painting some blood onto the artwork qualifies it as a horror comic.


Chuck Wells said...

Once I get past this weeks sci-fi posts in the Catacombs, I am simply going to have to launch into an extended run of jungle girls, jungle lords and assorted other jungle comics posts - including some full-color South Seas Girl stories (fortunately this one isn't among them) - so thanks for posting this neat tale, Pappy

Darci said...

The GCD lists "The Thirsty Blade" in Ajax/Farrell's Voodoo #19 (Jan/Feb 1955), also a 7-page story with Alani. They also surmise the Tales of Voodoo was reprinted from an Ajax/Farrell title. I'm guessing "The Thirsty Blade" is it.

The GCD also reprints the attribution from Overstreet that the original appeared in Leader Enterprise's South Sea Comics #5.

Thanks for publishing this rarity!

Mr. Cavin said...

Wow. Page twenty-three has the most graphic circumcision I've ever seen in a comics story.

Pappy said...

Chuck, I've sent you an e-mail today (November 12) with the list of jungle girl stories I have upcoming, so we aren't stepping on each others' blogs.

There's plenty of jungle pulchritude to go around, but I want to make sure we're not showing the same stories.

Darci, I have no reason to doubt this Tales of Voodoo story is "The Thirsty Blade," and thanks for that information.

HEH said...

Oh yeah, please more jungle comics! There's not much in the way of reprints from the genre and it's one of my favorites!