Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Number 631

Toni Gayle and Big Bertha get down

What have we got in this story from Guns Against Gangsters Volume 2 Number 1, 1949? We've got art by L.B. Cole, we've got model Toni Gayle with her Bettie Page hairdo and sexy high heels, and we've got Big Bertha and Toni in a chick fight!

I don't know what else you guys want, and it's all for free, courtesy of Pappy's Prurient Interest Blogzine.

More about Toni here and here.


BEMaven said...

Well, one of us guys will always wish that Matt Baker had done a Bettie Page story.

Chuck Wells said...

Great intro, Pappy! This one was a fun read.

It's funny that BEMaven mentions Matt Baker in response to this tale, since I posted a Baker Rulah story over in the Catacombs this very day (in fact, right before I stopped by).

Runs.with.Ferals said...

Big Bertha~ played by Shelley Winters !

Pappy said...

Chuck's Rulah posting is right here for us Rulah fans. Thanks, Chuck; and thanks BEM and Lys for mentioning both Bettie Page and Shelley Winters in the same comments column.


Two things - Big Bertha used to be Big Bert.
Also, I think Biff Muggson is one hell of a body guard! He really helped alot...