Friday, May 15, 2009

Number 523

Rudy Palais pops a sweat!

Golden Age comic art by Rudy Palais can be spotted easily by looking for flying sweat drops. This past Monday I showed you a couple of stories by Johnny Craig, who also used perspiring faces to indicate stress or fear. But Palais used the type of sweat drops usually associated with funny animal comics. I'm thinking of Chad Grothkopf (Captain Marvel Bunny) or Floyd Gottfredson (Mickey Mouse). Both of those cartoonists drew characters with bullets of sweat flying from their heads. Sweat as Palais portrayed it wasn't usually used in more illustrative comic art, and I can think of no other artist who used sweat or tears in the bulbous and exaggerated way Palais did.

Here are originals for four stories by Rudy Palais I culled from the Internet, all of which show his signature flying sweat. "The Scarecrow's Revenge" is from Witches Tales #14. "The Clock Struck Doom" is from Black Cat Mystery #37, "Army of Scorpions" from Black Cat Mystery #33, and "The Man With the Iron Face" is from Witches Tales #12.

I also showed two crime comics stories by Palais here and here.


Chuck Wells said...

Cool, eerie and wonky stuff to start the day.

Good Friday for me. Thanks!.

Pappy said...

Yes, Rudy P. was all of those, cool, eerie, wonky. You describe him perfectly, Chuck.

Tamfos said...

From "Scarecrow's Revenge"

"Bentley Long buries the old man with detached efficiency."

Detached, to be sure, but efficient? You can see the old codger's hand sticking right up outta the mud.

And in "Army of Scorpions" you'd think Dr. Graham would know the difference between an insect and an arachnid. But then you'd think his fiancee wouldn't consider staying with the dude if he would just "Stop these mad killings." Seems like one "mad killing" would scare most any lady away, but probably her mother had been pressuring her to marry a doctor, sooo...

Mr. Karswell said...

Don Martin was another master of the flying sweat drops!