Friday, May 08, 2009

Number 519

Pussycat is booby-trapped!

Ah, I wish I could stroke you, see your back arch, feel you purr.

Excuse me, guys. I get carried away. Here is yet another sexy Bill Ward masterpiece from the one-shot 1968 Pussycat magazine, reprinting stories from men's magazines published by Marvel Comics publisher Martin Goodman. Pussycat was probably inspired by Playboy's Little Annie Fanny, the Kurtzman/Elder masterpiece. Pussycat is kind of innocent like Annie until she turns on her feminine charms. Elder could draw Annie nude and still make her look innocent, but Bill Ward specialized in glamour pin-ups, and Pussycat looked anything but innocent in her ensembles from Frederick's of Hollywood.

I'm also showing you an earlier Ward, a Torchy story from the 1940s. I scanned it from Torchy Summer Special #1, published and copyright 1992 by Innovation. The sharp black and white stats were provided by Greg Theakston and/or Bill Black of AC Comics, who know how to reconstruct the black line from color comics.


Chuck Wells said...

God bless America, and many thanks to you, too Pappy. I just love these twin tales. Ah, the "twin peaks" of Torchy and Pussycat.

I must be dreaming!

Pappy said...

Ha-ha. Chuck, you're great! "...twin peaks of Torchy and Pussycat!" Reminds me of when I was in high school with the Hills twins, Marolyn and Carolyn. The girls had those "twin peaks," too. My buddy was looking at them one day and exclaimed, "Hills, hell, them's mountains!"

Booksteve said...

Always nice to see the old girl! I first discovered PUSSYCAT in my dad's hidden mag stash circa 1968. I was 8 or 9. He always ripped off the covers of his mens' mags in an effort to be discreet, then lay them flat on a high shelf in my parents' bedroom. Like most kids, I was perfectly aware of all their hiding places! It was still a couple years before I would truly "appreciate" PUSSYCAT but eventually she would become the subject of the very first professional article I would ever write in 1987! The joy of writing that article and seeing it published has led directly to my blogging career! I've seen the one-shot listed on EBay recently for as little as 17 bucks and as much as a thousand!

Mr. Karswell said...


Can't really think of anything else to say...

Doc Thompson said...

Ward drew comics for Club and Published in Cherry magazine 1980's.He ran a feature called "Quest for a Big Pair" about well hung Harold Brown,screwing too heavy women with his 11 inch penis.He even ran into a Chesty Morgan,Candy Samples and a Tina Small clone with milk filled brest in Juggs Magazine for over a year. He also had a feature in Legg Show,that was similar.You won't see this listed on Wikipedia,because they are snobbish a holes.