Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Number 522


It's been too long since I showed a John Stanley story. Luckily we have the Stanley Stories Blog, with Frank Young showing us classic Stanley, but I still have stories to share, also.

A Dell Giant favorite of mine is 1959's Marge's Little Lulu and Alvin Storytelling Time. It reprints 100 pages of Lulu's stories told to her little neighbor, Alvin. It excludes the Witch Hazel/Little Itch stories. I love those stories, but before Stanley wrote them his inventive mind was coming up with all kinds of wild, funny yarns.

The first reprint in the Giant came from Marge's Little Lulu #2, March-April 1948. "Luluhaha" has a moral about kindness to animals done in John Stanley's comically perverse way.

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Chuck Wells said...

The John Stanley flipbook (with Nancy & Melvin Monster)from Drawn & Quarterly, that was offered on Free Comic Book Day turned out to be one of my favorite freebies.