Monday, February 15, 2021

Number 2496: That was no lady, that was my phantom

I am muttering in my beard today, because I am showing you another Phantom Lady story. I am muttering because I know I have beat the subject to death, but I’ll get it out of my system anyway: how come when Phantom Lady is in costume, not even wearing a mask, no one, including family members, knows her?

[Shrugs shoulders.] All part of the magic of the comics, I suppose.

This is an early entry in the Phantom Lady canon, which went on when the character ended up in Fox comic books, drawn much more sexy than this early episode. On second thought, I do like the way Arthur Peddy draws Phantom Lady in her skimpy costume. Until now Peddy is an artist who has escaped my notice. I have seen his name for years when associated with other features in comics, but have not paid attention. I am paying attention now, and will find the time to go back and take another look at his work. Peddy is obviously an artist who fit into the Eisner-Iger shop, making Quality Comics stand out for!

From Police Comics #5  (1941). 

Phantom Lady is introduced. Just click on the thumbnail. 


Brian Barnes said...

I think I can answer the Phantom Lady question about her secret identity, the ways that's she is drawn, and she's only interacting with men, I assume nobody is focused on her face! :)

I also love how you can get on a "carrier" and then have free run of the place by just saying "never mind that ..." Comics!

Daniel [] said...

In a story on which I occasionally work, a classic female antagonist rushes a badly battered costumed crime-fighter to a hospital. To hide their respective identities, she first gets him and herself out of costume. At the hospital, she is given a blanket to throw over herself. But, as she's being interrogated by the police, she continually allows the blanket to slip, so that none of the police officers is paying enough attention to her face to be able later to recognize her (unless perhaps she were to appear naked).

You can see where I'm going with this. The Phantom Lady is not nude, but no one recognizes her because of that skimpy costume that you mentioned.

Sérgio Gonçalves said...

I've wondered that about Superman myself. How does Lois not realize he is Clark?

Re: Phantom Lady, is there any relationship to Lee Falk's The Phantom?

Darci said...

Perhaps Sandra could turn down her black light device and cause face blindness instead of outright blindness?