Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Number 2311: “Your Name is Frankenstein!”

I like the old Atlas stories written by Stan Lee. His issues of the horror comic, Menace, are good examples of his skill and style. It helps that he had top illustrators to do the artwork. In this issue, besides the stories being written by Lee, the comic has artwork by Syd Shores, Joe Sinnott, Russ Heath, and the illustrator of today’s offering, Joe Maneely. A stellar lineup of talent.

Menace #7 (1953) was one of the first pre-Code horror comics I owned, thanks to Bill Thailing of Cleveland, Ohio, a very early comic book dealer. I think it cost me 50¢.

I showed the Frankenstein story in the very early days of this blog. I had only my own copy to scan and present, and it was in bad shape when I scanned it. Today I am showing much better scans from a copy I found online.

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Ernol K. Sammybeans said...

Books like this are a good reminder that the criterion for a good Frankenstein book has to be more than "the nose is lower than the eyes".