Friday, March 17, 2017

Number 2024: Nuggets ain’t chicken

This is an example of early work by comics journeyman and Marvel star artist, John Buscema. Wild Bill Pecos and his scruffy, bearded sidekick, Nuggets Nugent, were characters appearing in The Westerner Comics. This story not only showcases Buscema's ability to draw cowboys and horses, but also beautiful girls. Dang, that Lulu Belle certainly turned Nuggets’ head; mine too!

From The Westerner Comics #33 (1951):


Brian Barnes said...

Never was a big fan of cowboy adventures (but strangely, a huge fan of the Wild Wild West, though that was more of a spy show just placed in the wild west) but this, while terribly cliche, keeps the action going and makes sure to touch the vast majority of necessary elements, in one story!

1. Runaway stage coach (where did the hurt horse go? Did it teleport away?)
2. Fake Indian attack
3. Noble Indians
4. Bar Fight
5. Old crazy prospector character
6. Rugged he-man
7. Sexy lady
8. Sexy under-cover dance hall lady
9. Stage coach robbery
10. Shoot-out

Darci said...

Sadly this was the last appearance for Calamity Kate, who debuted in issue #26. Along the way, the recently departed Berni Krigstein provided some of the art. Perhaps we'll see one of her stories again?