Monday, August 29, 2016

Number 1938: Sub-Mariner: Crocodile tears

A short but pleasing Sub-Mariner story from the mid-fifties incarnation of Sub-Mariner, drawn by his creator, Bill Everett. A 100-foot croc is roaming about Brazil, so Namor and his gal, Betty, go south to find it. It is probably the only time I have ever seen the cliché, “crocodile tears,” illustrated. That was Everett; he had a sense of humor.

(I am writing this well in advance of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, but what folks are worried about in Brazil is a tiny mosquito that can cause a terrible problem. It does not take great size to cause great disaster.)

From Sub-Mariner #33 (1954):


Daniel [] said...

Beautifully drawn, of course. (I continue to marvel at how Everett somehow held onto his talent.) And Everett didn't simply draw beautiful women; he drew them as if he genuinely liked women. Betty, Sherry, Nita,… these were women whom one would want to take to the soda shop, to the ice-cream parlor, and home to meet one's parents.

The story seems mostly a riff on Mighty Joe Young (1949); which, in turn, was an extensive and less grim reworking of King Kong.

Brian Barnes said...

King Crocodile's reward -- a small zoo aquarium! Thanks, Subby!

As a current reader of these little colorful pamphlets -- a bit more expensive now -- where the sub-mariner is a colossal jerk (and all the better for it, he's a bit bland in the 50s outing) ... seeing him in a sweater hanging out at a house being domestic is pretty hilarious.

I wonder if Dr. Doom had pictures of him like that an uses it to blackmail him?

Still had a thing for blondes, I see (as he was always after Susan Storm.)

Side note: Everett - genius.

Pappy said...

Daniel, in that way Hollywood has hardly changed...still taking what worked at the box offices and trying to make it work again...and again...and again. Right off hand I can only think of one crocodile movie, Lake Placid, and even it has several sequels.

But of course crocs are good monster material. I went to the Internet and googled crocodile movies and came up with this list. (Whoever compiled the list does not know the difference between crocodiles and alligators.)

Daniel, I suspect you are much more the gentleman than yours surly. Errr, I mean truly. I never thought of taking any girlfriends to meet my parents, mainly because I couldn't stand the razzing my old man gave me about girls. I didn't have to introduce the girl who became my wife, because she was a friend of the family. (Thank goodness.)

Pappy said...

Brian, I believe Sub-Mariner worked better (for me, anyway) as an anti-hero. I loved Kirby's version of the character, and to this day I can re-read Fantastic Four Annual #1, with the Sub-Mariner epic.

The mid-fifties revival, besides Subby kicking some miscreant and commie butt, can look like one of those idyllic fifties views of American life.