Friday, August 12, 2016

Number 1931: Crook with a crooked arm

A young Frank Frazetta drew this Western, featured as the final posting for our Wild West theme week. It is scanned from the final issue of ME’s Manhunt (#13, 1952), where it was reprinted from the Trail Colt one-shot issue of 1949.

Like other work from this era, Frazetta’s work has a few rough edges, but it is obvious that he is a superior talent. Something I have always appreciated about Frazetta’s art, besides the human figure in action, is his animal anatomy. After Trail Colt, U.S. Marshal, solves the case of “The Rodeo Robbers,” I have included a link to another of his stories starring a horse, drawn for DC

Here is a story from Gang Busters by Frazetta, from 2009:

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Unknown said...

Besides having the same last name, Trail Colt and Marvel's Kid Colt (Outlaw) also had the same taste in their choice of attire.