Friday, December 25, 2015

Number 1832: A Yellow Submarine Christmas

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

...and having said that, I have no Christmas comics to show you. But I relate Yellow Submarine to a Christmas memory: December, 1968...I had been out of the Army a few weeks;  just before Christmas I saw a screening of the Beatles animated film. I am a Beatlemaniac, through-and-through.

The comic book preceded release of the picture, and as you can see if you are familiar with the movie, is different in many ways from the film. The Grand Comics Database states it was written from an early draft of the script. That happens with these adaptations. With the long lead time on a licensed project like this the publisher would want to get the script and art done as soon as possible, thereby risking what happened here, perhaps disappointing some readers.

Oh well, all you need is love, as the Beatles said. In the spirit of Christmas, I gift this 68 page Gold Key giant comic, with poster. It is written by Paul S. Newman, and drawn by José Delbo.

I got a nifty Christmas present recently, when one of my favorite cartoonists, Jim Engel, sent me a fantastic new logo for this blog. Jim has done a beautiful job, and I am proud to have it adorn Pappy's. It will replace the current logo on January 1. Until then, here is a preview:


darkmark said...

Ah, that's some good vibes, man. Rilly a gas. Thanks for, like, all the positivity. Until next time...yeah.

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

I'm quite surprised.
I think it's good to be reminded of Yellow Submarine on Christmas. In fact, I Wasn't thinking about it these days, so thanks.
I was practically born with this movie, and the influence it had on children's books art (and advertising) marked my early years.
Later as a kid, when I was learning English, I listened more carefully to songs like "When I'm 64", "Eleanor Rigby" and "Nowhere Man". Boy, did I love that little guy! He's very much like ... all of us.
Down with Bluetocracy!

Daniel [] said...

Perhaps a version whose deviations reflect an earlier version of the script provides more added value than a faithful reproduction of the final script.

I notice that 18:1 seems to have a picture of Humphrey DeForest Bogart, who was born on this day in 1899. I also note that, in 19:2, Paul express much the same view as yours about arrows and automatic weapon fire.

Naturally, I wish you and your other readers — especially those who regularly comment — the best day possible, whether each is celebrating the birthday of Bogart or perhaps something else.

Richard said...

I haven't read this comic since it was new! But I read it several times during the brief span it was in my possession, so thank you for this reunion with an old friend.

In retrospect, it's a real shame the final script removed lovely Rita, Meter Maid. Her presence adds to the story and gives poor Old Fred a much needed bit of character development.

Alicia American said...

Awww Happity Christmas Pappity! xoxoxoxoxo Happity Hodilayz!! OMG Pappy we luv tha Beetles, their tha GR8est cartune band of them all yo #BADASS OMG we luv ur new log LOL OMG Archie is waring Jugheds' hat yo LOL LOLerest Yay! xoxoxoxoxo Happity New Yeers Pappity! xoxoxoxo

Grant said...

Oddly enough, I also associate Yellow Submarine with October, but in my case it's because of a particular TV showing that always stays with me, and which I think happened at the end of that month. Either way, that's when I bring out my copy of the movie.

Pappy said...

Thank you for the comments, friends. Family activities have kept me away from answering, but I have time enough to say that since it appeared on December 25, this is the most visited Pappy's posting ever.

Thanks to all of you, and thanks to the Beatles who prove over and over they have staying power. (A reference to the police commissioner's response in Help!: "So, the famous Beatles, eh? How long do you think you'll last?" And the many "experts" in those giddy early days of Beatlemania who pronounced the Beatles to be a fad, who "will be gone by Christmas." Not the Christmas of 2015, apparently.)

rnigma said...

My memory of the movie is getting an A from my high school art teacher for telling her that Heinz Edelman was the film's designer (she thought it was Peter Max). Delbo managed to nail Edelman's look in the comic.
The Beatles originally did not want to participate in "Yellow Submarine" because they thought it would be like the Beatles TV cartoon, especially since Jack Mendelsohn (who scripted many of the TV episodes) wrote the screenplay. But when it turned out better than they expected, they filmed that live action bit at the end. Mendelsohn is alive and well; I've seen his comments over at Cartoon Research, and it would be interesting if he shared his memories of "Yellow Submarine."

Pappy said...

rnigma, I am an admirer of Mendelsohn's work. I am especially fond of his Jackys Diary comic strip (book available from IDW). I did not know he worked on YS until years later, and now you tell me he wrote many of the Beatles television cartoons. Those cartoons can be seen on YouTube. I remember them, but also remember at age 18 feeling miffed that they were juvenile interpretations of what I then felt were more sophisticated, "grown-up" songs.

David Miller said...

Pappy - Thanks for posting this. I didn't know about it, but sure wish I had a bought a copy when it came out. Great work of art and a testament to the inspiration the music and style the Beatles gave to others.

rnigma said...

Mendelsohn did a couple of cartoons in 1965 based on Jacky's Diary: "The Story of George Washington" and "A Leak in the Dike."