Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Number 1825: Sherry, Sherry baby!

Atlas Comics of the fifties did not hurt for artists who could render pretty girls. Al Hartley was one of them, and Sherry the Showgirl is an excuse to show pretty girls in cute, sexy costumes. Up to the point of issue #5 (1957), from which I am showing two short stories and a color-it-yourself page, Dan DeCarlo, also known for his pretty girls, had done the artwork (sorry, I don’t have any of the DeCarlo issues to show you).

At some point Hartley got religion. The latter part of his career was spent writing and drawing Spire Christian Comics, including comics for which he got permission to use the copyrighted characters from Archie, another series on which he worked.

Henry Allan “Al” Hartley died in 2003.


Alicia American said...

OMG Pappity I can like SO rel8 2 that 2nd story yo OMG our fans & paparatzis like NEVERER give us a momint of piece yo ucchh I'm amazerized by Sherry's dancerers in that 1st story-- how do they all have tha EXACT SAME FACE yo? R they waring Sherry masks??? Wuld Sherry sue me if I stoled her idea & made my band all ware masks of MOI?

OMG Millity Model seamz nice, I hope she comes 2 1 of our shows yo OMG we luv u Pappy xoxoxoxoxo

Pappy said...

Alicia, so if I saw you in a restaurant with your entourage I wouldn't be able to elbow my way through for a meet and greet at your table because of the hordes of paparazzis (are there are also mamarazzis?)

I could just pretend to be a Pappy-razzi with my camera.