Friday, August 07, 2015

Number 1771: Yankee Longago gives Cleopatra a makeover

Dick Briefer’s Boy Comics feature, Yankee Longago, was a time-traveling kid who had adventures in various eras. Briefer had less luck with this feature than the one upon which his comic book fame is greatest, Frankenstein. Yankee lasted from Boy Comics #3 to #28.

Still, it is very entertaining, with all that Briefer usually brought to his strips: funny stories and drawings. This episode is from Boy Comics #5 (1942).

Another Yankee Longago, from 2008, not so long ago.


J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

I'm still laughing. You just made my day with this. Thanks.

Ryan Anthony said...

That was cute. Was it perhaps a parody of Milt Caniff's old "Dickie Dare"? Cleo's spectacles threatened to take me out of it (glasses in ancient history??), but then it also included scorecards, "Game To-day" signs and "Stupid Poop!" So, I relaxed.

"If you're a red blooded American boy--read Boy Comics! If you're a girl, piss off!"

Anonymous said...

Quirky, fun stories, Pappy. Reading along, wondering where all the wackiness comes from, in the fire-breathing dinosaur story it is clenched: the old, it-was-all-a-dream trick! Oh, yeah, I can dig it. That Yankee Longago is not just the comic book series name, but the character name is a plus. If only the robotic software that connects me to these comments had named me something so splendid instead of 7f7f3e2a-4856-11, etc. =sigh= I take it that young Mr. Longago's dreams always veered backward so he didn't have such frustrations with robots —just 1940s American culture-colored antiquity antics. Lucky boy.

Alicia American said...

This is a importnt story, Pappy, it demonstr8s how life w/o fashion iznt worth living OMG!! Dick Brieferer is a genious I wanna hire him 2 write 4 me.

bzak said...

Loved the artwork on this story! It's like Rudy Palais working for a Mad Magazine rip off. Thanks!

Brian Riedel

Pappy said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody. I believe I'll have to dust off a few more of the Yankee Longago stories, since this one proved a hit.

I am sorry I am not able to respond to each comment individually. My grandkids are still here and I am immersed in family...beyond the Pappy "family," that is. The difference is I don't have to get you breakfast or drive you to the park or find an appropriate movie for you on Netflix, or...what else does a grandpappy do, anyhow? Well, whatever he is called upon to do, like chase a bee out of the house.

They leave next Tuesday for home. It is fun to watch them grow, and I wish I lived closer to them, but for now their visits become my priority.

Brian Barnes said...

Couple quick comments for this one -- fun art, as expected. The slanted wall on the Colosseum was constructed later after the outer wall fell down (well after the time of Romans) so that's a little goofy.

Normally drawing Frankenstein it seems Breifer didn't get enough time drawing beautiful women, so he obviously went all out here. There's more lines in that one drawing then in the whole comic!

Alicia American said...

OMG thats so sweet OMG! Pls pick out sumthing approprietly SEXERY 4 me on NetFlix Pappity xoxoxoxo Enjoy ur grandkidz <3

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

I think there's nothing wrong with the bespectacled version of Cleo, really.
It's the "librarian girl" type. Some of them are really hot. Sometimes you have to stay yourself to be trendy (and hot).