Monday, August 03, 2015

Number 1769: Double your pleasure; double your cross

August postings begin with a forties filler by Joe Kubert. You get to see not only the printed story, which appeared in Black Cat Comics #1 (1946), but the original art, which I took from the Heritage Auctions website. Thanks go to them for the great scans.

The story is set during the war. Notice in the lower right on page 1 of the original art that there is a "due date" stamp. It reads 3/7/45, a deadline for turning in the artwork. (It also appears that Kubert turned it in on 3/6.)  I assume it sat in inventory until popping up in Black Cat. Joe was still very young when he drew it. He wet his brush and gained valuable artistic skills on material like this for Harvey Comics.

Drawn just over 20 years later, here is another war story by Kubert:

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J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Very interesting comparison. Kubert's art still crude, but promising. No tweety-bird Japs in the original, but they look like aliens anyway :-)
The "I'm German don't shoot" scam is really silly.
The Gorilla story is a lovely tale! It has a certain Sven Hassel feeling, those two look like Porta and his fighting bear... I'm glad Charlie doesn't die, last page is hilarious. Posing that flag is… mocking, but not offensive. C. will be a great NCO!