Friday, April 17, 2015

Number 1723: Frankenstein, “Oh, Lordy!! What a man!”

For a monster, finding girlfriends is always a problem. Not so with our familiar and funny Frankenstein, especially when the “girlfriends” are escaped prisoners, mutated by radiation.

Hey, he’s had worse.

I have been posting stories from Frankenstein #3 (1946) for a while. “Frankenstein and the Monsters” is another from that issue, drawn by Dick Briefer.


Daniel [] said...

I think that Wertham would have wanted 7:4 for SoTI; albeït for comedic effect, it's at the extreme of crime comics, with horror also present.

I notice that, amongst the characters in the stories featuring Briefer's second incarnation of the Monster, there's a recurring, deliberately absurd lack of curiosity.

Brian Barnes said...

Briefer putty-faced drawing makes it hard to distinguish who got irradiated in this one! It's a fun, cartoon-y style, though this one looks like a really quick job.

Honestly, for him, the woman he ended up with, before the comical "whatta man!" joke, wasn't so bad! He should have thanked his lucky stars!