Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Number 1722: Dan Brand origin by Fox and Frazetta

Monday we had a Sandman story written by Gardner Fox, published in 1939. Now we have jumped into the Pappy Time Machine® and traveled 10 years into the future, to 1949. That was the year Gardner Fox wrote the origin of the frontier characters, Dan Brand and Tipi, for issue #1 of The Durango Kid.

In the origin Dan Brand was done wrong by Bradford, the jealous former swain of Brand’s bride-to-be, Lucy. Oops! Lucy is killed by Bradford! His bullet, meant for Dan Brand, shot her down. Brand chases Bradford but ends up but under the slashing claws of a bear. The story proceeds from there.

The Dan Brand stories, which were later reprinted by ME as White Indian, are collectible because of Frank Frazetta’s art, but also because the America of the pre-Revolutionary War days is an interesting time and place. It is for me, anyway.

From Durango Kid #2, also from 1949, the storyline continues, with Dan Brand consorting with Lieutenant George Washington. Yep, the father of our country, as he is often known, before he went up the ranks to General.

Special message from Pappy!

Readers, a few weeks ago a blogger contacted me about a web site selling t-shirts and coffee cups, using my blog name. For the record, and as I told him, I do not sell anything. I don’t lend the name of my blog to any profit making enterprise. In checking around by running my blog’s name through various search engines I came up with this unusual page:

I took this snapshot for my own use.

Clicking on the individual figures for sale leads me to different companies selling through eBay. I am assuming they are the same people using different names. It makes it hard to contact them to tell them not to use the name of my blog. I don’t know whether they also use other blog names to lure people in who may be looking for something on a search engine. It is a pretty cheesy ploy. The clumsy-sounding title, “Coverless Pappys Golden Age Blogzine” (“Coverless”!?) makes me think it might be some Asian company.

Whatever it is, I advise you readers not to patronize this or any seller who uses the name of this blog, confusing it for me.


rnigma said...

I think that may well be "click bait" to misdirect people who are doing searches for your blog.

Unknown said...

That was good stuff. A little derivative--the quest for vengeance and the training period (or was that new at the time?), and Dan and Tipi are like the Lone Ranger and Tonto. But the balance Fox put into the second story, about the Indians having legitimate grievances, was really nice. And I also love the colonial era.

I'm sorry you're so troubled by the illegal merchandising, but I understand. That must feel like a violation. However, I'd love to have a Pappy's T-shirt, even if you just charged us for the cost of making it.

Sea-of-Green said...

Thanks for the tip on the bogus blog link, Pappy! Always good to know these sorts of things.

Daniel [] said...

Well, y'see, Lex Luthor stole a Duplicatorinator from Heinz Doofenschmertz, then turned it upon you and your 'blog, and the result was a Bizarro Pappy….

Pappy said...

rnigma, yes, that is my feeling, also. Others may be similarly victimized as unwilling shills to lead someone to a toy seller's eBay site.

Pappy said...

Daniel, me don't know if me am in my "normal" state a Bizarro Pappy, and someone has turned a ray on me to make me a commercial Pappy. But rest assured, Pappy does not sell out!

Anonymous said...

Well crafted in both art and story. Thank you, Pappy. I hadn't read Dan Brand & Tipi.

Alicia American said...

I want Pappy PJs & undarpants yo!!! #MERCH

Pappy said...

Alicia, I assume you want the pjs and underpants without Pappy in them, yo?

Maranee Landau said...

Hello Pappy.
I have been looking for your email address and cant find it so I am posting here. Hope that's ok.
I recently have been trying to order ALL of my fathers comic book he did from 1951-mid 60's (Kenneth Landau) Forbidden Worlds.

If you would, can you please send me your direct email address, I want to fwd you copies of one comic book, #96, that I received.
You had sent me a DVD of some of his work that you had. Thanks again for that.
I got the comic book, dating 1960 (the original was 1954) and noticed not only did they black his name out, and change the coloring of his work, but they also changed the title of the story!