Friday, March 21, 2014

Number 1545: “Invitation to Surrender!”

Surrender. A word in the language of love that means giving up and giving in to intimacy and passion. No woman I’ve ever known would use the word in such a context, but Alice Hughes, dewy-eyed and romantic, insists that the man she will eventually surrender herself to sweep her off her feet, and bring her “to surrender by the slow fire of mounting passion.” That sounds like a lot of work. When I was a young guy and in active pursuit of what young guys are usually in active pursuit of I would have thought that lighting a “slow fire” was too slow a way to get to the passion part. But then, I might have had more luck if I’d considered Alice’s point of view. At this age I have to learn what I should’ve known then by reading a 64-year-old love comic.

From Love Letters #3 (1950), artist(s) not known:


Brian Barnes said...

"Maybe it just means I'm a silly romantic fool who needs a little spanking to wake her up!" Best line in a dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks romance comic ever!

The art on this thing; at first glance you'd think it was good, a little to advertising-like, though, but on second glance, it's very disconcerting. It's incredibly stiff, the forest background looks like it came out of Krazy Kat, and there's some strange positioning of the figures.

Looks like a beginner from another form of art, probably somebody that got a lot better later.

The art makes it look like a theater production with plastic dolls! But, that's what romance comics, are, anyway...

Pappy said...

Good catch, Brian. The girl is quite a lamebrain to not figure out the notes are from her boyfriend. Has she never seen examples of his handwriting?

And page 3, panel 5 is a good example of the kind of twisted figure drawing you mention.

The dialogue is so insipid you could take just about any panel and turn it into a jokey greeting card.

Alicia American said...

This is x-actly how girls think, Pappity. Naild it yo! OMG 1 of Andy Kaufman's buddys is on our podcast 2day telling SECRAT WRASSLING STORYS yo omg yo OMG XOXOXOXO Luv u Pappy XOXOXO <3

Pappy said...

Alicia, "Secret wrestling stories of Andy Kaufman." There's a story in there somewhere, I'm sure. Thanks for the note.


I liked the spanking line, too! Also, the panel you mentioned (and the previous one) also stuck out to me -- tiny man talks to giant woman.

I once tried the letter thing with my beloved and she had the FBI arrest me for stalking...then later, I swept her off her feet and tried roasting her over the slow fire of mounting passion, and she screamed so loud the fire department came and put her out...suffered third degree burns all over her labonza...then she had the FBI arrest me again. I just don't understand wimmens.

Pappy said...

Apocolyte, perhaps you could benefit from reading more love comics. Your comments sound like a horror comics version of a love story...or better yet, I can picture your scenario drawn by Jack Davis for Mad!