Sunday, March 16, 2014

Number 1542: Tarzan row, row, rows his boat

Tarzan takes a leisurely trip downriver, helping to row a Roman war galley. Well, not really helping. More properly he’s a slave of the Romans who have a whole civilization tucked into the African jungle.

There are so many lost civilizations in that jungle you might wonder if they have city limits signs: “Leaving Cathne, Entering Opar,” “Welcome to Castra Sanguinarius, your jungle ‘home away from Rome!’”

From Tarzan #21 (1951); written by Gaylord DuBois, art by Jesse Marsh.


A couple of Tarzan stories I posted a few years ago. Just click on the pictures.


Charles R. Rutledge said...

Did you ever hear the theory, coined by Russ Manning I think, that some of the 'Lost' Cities in Tarzan's jungle weren't actually in Africa but rather in parallel dimensions? Russ played around with that some in the Tarzan newspaper strip. An interesting idea.

Pappy said...

Charles, that's news to me, but then with the number of lost cities in Tarzan's jungle they would overlap unless they each inhabited their own dimension.

Thanks for that observation.