Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Number 1536: Talon of Terror

This won’t be the last story I’ll be mining from a fine issue of Ibis the Invincible, #5, published in 1946. The stories, written by Bill Woolfolk, are entertaining and the artwork, done by a diverse crew of comic book journeymen, is uniformly good.

The Grand Comics Database credits the artwork on “Talon of Terror” to Kurt Schaffenberger, inked by Pete Costanza.


More Ibis. Just click the thumbnails.


Daniel [] said...

I wonder whether the name “Jason Reliom” were a jocular reference to some friend named “Jason Moiler”.

In any case, Jason Reliom really should have used the telephone. (Presumably, he could have done so wherever he went to post the package.)

When I think of Schaffenberger, mostly I think of the distinctive work he did in drawing Lois Lane. It was as if he loved that character.

Pappy said...

Daniel, Schaffenberger had a really wonderful style and great ink line, and he did make Lois look prettier than she did in the other Superman comics by other artists. He made Superman look prettier, too. Since I suspect Lois was aimed primarily at a female audience it may have been an editorial edict to glam Lois up a bit.

Your comment about the backward-looking name reminded me of what Don Thompson said years ago, that comic book fans learn early on to read words backward.

Daniel [] said...

S'taht woh cigam si enod!


Thus endeth the autopsy career of Jason Reliom, star of CBS drama "CSI - Okefenokee"...

That creature was kind of a cross between Godzirra and Barney, and just as evil. Well, I really enjoyed this post, Pappy. It really made my Ibistick vibrate!

By the way, that Ibistick doubles great as a bottle opener for Ibis' Blatz beer(after every adventure! Burp!)!

Using math to confuse the creature was elementary. Why, schools everywhere have been confusing kids with math for years! Actually, why did it have to be math? Taia could have thought about shoes, or waffles, or politics, or porn, and be just as distracting to ol' creature...