Friday, March 23, 2012

Number 1127: Captain of Science

Jet Powers answers the call, from President Truman no less, to find the source of the mysterious earthquakes that are leveling cities. Truman doesn't send his intelligence services, the FBI, the Army or Marines, he sends one guy who spends his time working in a lonely mesa laboratory.

Jet, a creation of Gardner Fox for ME Comics, easily finds the cause (the story is only ten pages, after all), and a pretty Asian girl, along with a sinister villain called Mr. Sinn. If ever there was a name for a villain, Mr. Sinn is it.

I've shown this story before, in the earliest days of Pappy's, but it's time to show it again with new scans. It's drawn by an all-time favorite of mine, Bob Powell, who is well represented here over the past six years. Click on his name in the tags below for more Powell.

From Jet #1, actually called A-1 #30 in the indicia (1950):

"Professor H" (Henry Kujawa) has beautiful restorations of the covers of Jet numbers 1-4 here.


BlUsKrEEm said...

I was hoping there would be some relation to Youthful Magazine's "Captain Science," one of my all time favorite series. Still very cool.

Gumba G Gadwa said...

Always great to see Powell artwork, even though it means sitting through the slightly racist tinge on far east villains.

Of course, the villain's henchwomen never get that treatment, and are fabulous Powell good-girl art. Never was a panel wasted to get the breasts into the foreground!

I have to say I enjoyed one thing about this story: usually you never give a good reason why the hero is left alive after becoming helpless; this one actually has a good reason!

Pappy said...

BIUsKrEEm: You may have noticed "Captain of Science" is the sub-head on the splash page. Captain Science, the one you're referring to, is pretty cool, also.

Gumba, a green-skinned Dr. Fu Manchu lookalike looks awfully racist to me. But those were the times, and I'm glad we've (hopefully) all grown out of that sort of thing. I think it helps to show where we've been to keep from regressing.