Friday, March 16, 2012

Number 1123

Monster mish-mash!

The second-to-last posting in our monstrous week of postings is a trio of Atlas horror stories from the 1950s.

"The Thing In the Water" is from Adventures Into Terror #4 (1951). I like it despite the somewhat crude art by an unknown artist. It's about people being turned into fish, and if that wouldn't be horrible I don't know what would.* My scans come from the '70s Marvel reprint comic, The Crypt Of Shadows #12. "The Thing That Grew" is from Adventures Into Terror #7, and is another favorite genre, blob stories, where shapeless, undulating, gelatinous masses grow and consume people. It's credited by Atlas Tales to "Lazarus," (Harry, or one of his two brothers?) and an unknown inker. Finally, from the same issue a classic, "Where Monsters Dwell," by the wholly original Basil Wolverton. Atlas Tales notes the splash panel is not drawn by Wolverton, even though they kept his signature box. It wasn't unknown at Atlas for editor Stan Lee to snag the first artist who walked in the door and ask him to redraw another artist's work. Why he needed to change Wolverton, of all people, is probably lost to history.

*More fishy horrors from Karswell at The Horrors Of It All.


Karswell said...

It's Friday, must be fish! Thanks Pappy, nice line-up!

HEH said...

Excellent serving of monster madness today, Pappy!
I've not seen this Wolverton art, so it's quite a treat. Can't wait to see the final stories. Thanks for posting these tales!

Jeff Overturf said...

Great stories, Pappy...and a Wolverton is ALWAYS appreciated.

I can't help but be hung up on the first story though...what the heck would constitute an "outstanding" or "sensational" development in the world of guppies?

Funny/horrific stuff!

Kirk said...

"It's about people being turned into fish, and if that wouldn't be horrible, I don't know what would."

Don Knotts might disagree.

Wolverton was great at the grotesque. As for Stan Lee changing art, I once read an interview with John Romita where he said Lee occasionally had him make changes on Jack Kirby stories. No wonder Kirby left Marvel in such a huff.

Pappy said...

Karswell, "It's Friday, must be fish!" Omigod, my elementary school hot lunch...a greasy fishcake every Friday. Diarrhea all weekend. No wonder I hate fish...

Yes, Kirk, being turned into a fish would be horrible for me, because I CAN'T SWIM!

Jeff, an outstanding or sensational development in the world of guppies would be of great benefit to humankind, I'm sure. If I hear of any I'll contact you.

Thanks for the comments, HEH. I forget there are comics fans who may not have seen these Wolverton comics before, but it's a good excuse for me to post them every once in a while. Even if you've seen them before they're always great.