Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Number 1130: The Talking Head

It’s an election year in America, and television is full of talking heads. Those are people who sit around a table and endlessly talk politics, political strategy, polls, statistics...blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! I’m a voter, and I know for whom I’m voting. I suspect many other citizens are the same, but we put up with these damn talking heads...I wish I had a job where I got paid a huge amount of money to be a gasbag. As it is, I'm doing my gasbagging right here for free.

On to today’s post, which, beyond the title, has nothing to do with my rant on television. “The Talking Head” is a Ghost Rider tale, drawn by Dick Ayers for Best Of the West #4. That title used the four Western stars of the ME Comics line: Durango Kid, Straight Arrow, Ghost Rider and Tim Holt. Best Of the West was a very nice comic book which had a run of twelve quarterly issues between 1951 and 1954.

The Indian babe, Fawn Woman, reminds me of what Harvey Kurtzman once said in Mad: “. . . if they'd had girls like this, the Wild West would have been a lot wilder!”


Gumba G Gadwa said...

Nice splash on this one, well laid out.

Why are people who create elaborate hoaxes so easily fooled by other elaborate hoaxes? Again, every Ghost Rider story seems to suffer under the Scooby-doo effect! Guy dresses up as a ghost, Shaggy accidentally gets a sheet over him, "oh no, this place is really haunted!"

I hate to say this, but I read the end of that story as "I'll take her to a white jail" was to get her away from the Native Americans, and what he did after he got far enough away with her tied up was to offer her a "deal" and he'd let her go free ... I'll leave the "deal" up to your imagination. Did Bob Wood write this one? :)

Pappy said...

Hey, Gumba, I like your imaginative turn, taking a story past the last panel, as it were.