Monday, January 04, 2010

Number 661

Romance can be risky

A few weeks ago I showed you an ACG love story that was a crime story. Now I have a love story that is a fantasy.

I'd say all love stories are fantasies, but this love story takes it a step further by taking place in a mountain valley where "cosmic rays" allow people to live forever. Another fantasy is from Gloria, our heroine, who is in love with her boss. She tries various ploys to win his love, but usually incurs his wrath. He calls her things like "lame-brained psychopathic," "idiot," and "blackmailing moron." Undeterred by his insults she continues her efforts to win his love. For the love of this insensitive clod she tosses over the immortal chieftain, hunky Regnor, who loves her.

I have a message for Gloria, and for all the Glorias out there...if a guy is verbally abusive he won't change once you marry him. He'll only get worse.

From Lovelorn #4, 1950. Nice art, but sorry, I don't know the artist(s).


Tamfos said...

Sure, this guy's a douche-bag, but she is a blackmailer (among other things). Match made in heaven, you ask me.

Runs.with.Ferals said...

The FF starring in Lost Horizon, directed by John Waters...

Pappy said...

She's a conniving thing, for sure...but the story represents that old attitude that with love a guy will change his ways. Bullshit.

That being said, I liked the Shangri-La aspect of the story, which was hokey but elevated it above the usual love comic.

(I've been reading a lot of love comics lately, a genre I never read in the past. I have at least a couple of interesting stories to show in weeks to come.)

jhegenbe said...

Al Pastino pencils. But who did the beautiful inks?