Friday, January 22, 2010

Number 671

Pussycat, damsel in disguise

It's time to bid adieu to our dear little Pussycat, who has graced Pappy's now for five episodes. (You can see them by typing the word Pussycat in the search engine box at the top left, or go to the link on the bottom and click on the name. You can also click on Bill Ward and see the other sexy stories I've run by this incredible good girl artist.)

This is the sixth and final Bill Ward story from the Pussycat one-shot, black and white magazine published in 1968.

I've also included a Torchy story from the 1992 Torchy Summer Fun Special, published by Innovation. When you're through ogling Torchy, let your eyes wander to the evil scientist, who is a dead ringer for Captain Marvel's Dr. Sivana. Also, I can't swear to it, but the goggle-eyed guy yelling "You're telling us!" looks to be an homage to Al Feldstein.


Lysdexicuss said...

The art for Pussycat may be more evolved, but I still got a soft-spot for Torchy ;~j

Karswell said...

Thumbs Up, Pappy! Among other things.

Pappy said...

Lys, is Torchy really giving you a soft spot? There's a pill for that.

Chuck Wells said...

"Humana humana!"

It's too "hard" to "come" "up" with a funny follow thru to the comments of Karswell & Pappy. Each one "cracked" me up, "butt" (sic) I can really get "behind" that kind of stuff.

(humana humana - a sensual way to say hottie.)

Mykal said...

Whoa. Let's all get ahold of ourselves. Great post, Pappy.

Peter Bernard said...

Ha yes it looks like him! Torchy is awesome, one of my favorites for years. That's what I wish I drew like. Speaking of wishes, I wish someone would upload Miss Fury comics somewhere on the internets. Maybe she's not public domain or something?

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