Sunday, January 24, 2010

Number 672

Airboy and Valkyrie

This story has been reprinted a few times and for good reason. It's sexy. Valkyrie proclaims as she shoots at Airboy, "Here's a taste of some hot German lead!" Airboy gets both the hot lead and the hot German.

Valkyrie, as drawn by Fred Kida and Bill Quackenbush in her 1943 introductory opus from Air Fighters Volume 2 Number 2, is a Nazi-trained fighter, the cream of "German girlhood." But she realizes the error of her ways. Maybe the sight of a bare-chested Airboy had something to do with that. Speaking of bare-chested, braless Valkyrie looks pretty good in her open blouse. I'm sure the attraction went both ways as shown by the action between the two in the crowded cockpit of Airboy's plane, Birdie.

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Strannik said...

But she realizes the error of her ways.

I don't know. It's more like she realized that Nazis were cruel because the people she cared about were the ones getting hurt this around, which isn't quite the same thing. Ever since I read this story, Valkyrie's heel face turn struck me as a bit dubious - though I guess you can't argue with the results.