Friday, January 15, 2010

Number 667

I wanna be a cowboy...and you can be muh cowgirl...

On a summer day in 1950 my friend David Ross and I were coming home from the next block in our suburban neighborhood where we'd been shooting it out with the Dalton Gang. We were climbing under a neighbor's rail fence. "Hey, boys," said a blonde girl dressed as a cowgirl, sitting on the fence.

David and I were both wearing our cowboy hats and Hopalong Cassidy six-shooter cap pistols at our sides.

I remember that moment as having a transcendent quality. On a hot summer day, shimmering heat around her, a vision of a girl in a red cowboy hat and matching boots, with a brown, fringed skirt and matching vest over a white blouse. She was an older woman, at least 7 or 8.

"How old are you two cowboys?" she asked. David and I held up three fingers each. My capacity for speech had been blocked by the vision on the fence. I remember nothing else about the incident, but to this day cowgirls loom large to me.

That's probably why I enjoy this story from Suzie #60, 1947.


Peter Bernard said...

Well, Howdy, pardner! Wow, the waitress "costume" at the end is like something from a stripper show. Who drew this? I am not up on my early Archie artists.

Unca Jeffy said...

sigh...I love cowgirls!

Kirk said...

I thought the mini-skirt made it's debut in the 1960s. Turns out I was wrong.

Mr. Karswell said...

Pappy 'ol bwah, you dun did it again you did!

Chuck Wells said...

That's a terrific recollection, Pappy, and this was too neat of a story not to enjoy!


Pappy said...

I want you guys to notice Suzie is doing the reverse cowgirl during her "wild steer ride."

My 1950 recollection, only slightly exaggerated, is my first complete childhood memory. And it's probably no coincidence it involved that ol' devil sex.


Dang! This was a comic for kids? Hubba hubba hubbubbubbubababa!

Peter Bernard said...

OK I'll answer my own question. Seems the comic book database says "?" drew this ( So now I know. I'll be following ?'s work from now on, I've just become a fan.

Darci said...

Jerry Bails Who's Who list some possible artists:
Berg, Dave (pen/ink) 1952
Holmdale, Red (pen/ink) 1940-1949
Moe, Claire (wr/pen/ink)
Roy, Mike (pen/ink) 1943
Schwartz, Sam (pen/ink) 1943
Hope this helps,