Monday, January 05, 2009

Number 448

"...a smarter moron..."

Dodo and the Frog was a popular feature for DC Comics during the heyday of funny animal comics, the 1940s and '50s. It was drawn by animator Otto Feuer, born in 1907 in Germany, who died in the U.S. at age 91.

Where would funny animal comics have been without animators who moonlighted? They understood pacing, storytelling, gags. Feuer had a very attractive style. He kept his layouts and panels simple and instantly readable, and understood the use of white space. His characters were silly, as are the stories. They're fun!

These two strips come from a coverless copy of DC's Funny Stuff. I don't know the issue number, so I've included an in-house ad with other comics from DC's funny animal line. Grand Comics Database doesn't have this issue indexed. Maybe someone out there can identify the issue for me.


Hyde said...

Just a note to say how much I love your site. The work you post is fantastic.

Sherm said...

Wow, Pappy...I've never even heard of Dodo and the Frog OR animator Otto Feuer. Thanks for bringing this comic discovery to light! PS...I like your new masthead, too.

Happy New Year!

Pappy said...

Aw, shux...thanks for all you do for me just by checking in! I really appreciate you guys.

Karswell said...

This stuff wasn't just funny Pappy... it was a scream! Love the dialog in this sooo much, it's rare to actually read something that makes me laugh out loud! I'll be talkin' like dat Frog all night nows.