Monday, January 12, 2009

Number 452

Wood Panic!

I have some unfinished business I need to clear up here...last spring a reader sent me scans for this Wally Wood story. He said he read about my box of loose pages of old comic book stories and that he had some of the same, which he shared with me. In late June my hard drive crashed, and I thought the scans were lost. But I had saved these scans to a disk, which I recently found. I am sorry I've forgotten the name of the reader, but I believe his e-mail name was Woodsman.

So, Woodsman, (and I hope I'm remembering that name correctly), here are your scans for "'S a Tragic Air Command," a satire of the old movie, "Strategic Air Command." It has the distinction of being the last story in the last issue of EC Comics' Panic, #12, from December '55-January '56.

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Karswell said...

No doubt about it, Wood rules. I loved the hockey stick sight-gag... it's all in the details.