Friday, January 23, 2009

Number 458

More Space Rangers

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a Rocky X story, another Space Cadet/Space Patrol/Space Rangers type of story from the early 1950s. When it comes to a good thing, I'm all for overdoing it. So here's a Fiction House strip about--appropriately enough--Space Rangers!

It's from Man O'Mars, a Fiction House one-shot from 1953, which consisted of one new story, "Man O'Mars", and the rest of the contents reprints from Planet Comics.

Lee Elias, one of the greats of the Golden Age drew the story, attributed to the ficticious Hugh FitzHugh. Elias drew another Space Cadet series in the '60s for DC, Tommy Tomorrow in Showcase.


Chuck Wells said...

The Elias artwork here is alot of fun, Pappy. My favorite read today!

Pappy said...

Besides the fine artwork, some of the writing reminds us we're reading a Fiction House story. Where else would you get dialogue like, "...I'm sniffing stardust..." or, "Faked your gland-graft certificates, eh?" A caption: "Soft of muscle and brittle of bone, manlings who wept as they fought." Sound effect: DUST, and last speech balloon dialogue (?): "CLUUUNG!"

Karswell said...

Any idea why Elias would use a phoney name like that?